Design2050 Theme at ICSID 2009 World Congress, Singapore

It appears that the ICSID (International Councils of Societies of Industrial Design) World Congress in Singapore will attract 800  attendees – surprisingly good for these difficult times when all but essential business travel is being curtailed. The Design2050 theme I proposed is being carried out by Nine international Design Masters who will present the future scenario work of their Design2050 Studios and over the course of 3 days will lead  the 800 attendees in workshops to further explore the studios’  propositions for Redesigning Life on Earth.

See descriptions of the Congress and the Design2050 theme at:

Design2050 Theme

Congress Home Page

The Clear-eyed Truth About AfPak, Finally

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting

Marine hero Matthew Hoh has made a heart-rending decision of conscience, destroying his Foreign Service career to say what everybody except our delusional leaders in Washington knows – that America’s presence in Afghanistan achieves nothing except to fuel an endless Pashtun insurgency. Here is the Washington Post article: U.S. Official Resigns in Protest
Read the articulate words of a brave patriot and support him in a letter to your Senator, Congressman and President to end the purposeless slaughter of American kids in Afghanistan.

Can We Design 2050?

Much of what I read warns that “green shoots” talk of economic recovery is feel-good propaganda, that the classic liberal economic growth model of industrial capitalism needs radical re-engineering, that Western-style production and consumption demanded by 9-10 billion people would require four to five Planet Earths to support, and that we are entering a period of calamitous social upheaval as a consequence.

When the drumbeat of dire prognoses becomes too incessant, alarm turns to numbness. The way designers deal with the anxiety of uncertainty is to start designing. We believe, like Herb Simon, that the way to work on ill-defined, “wicked” problems is what he first labeled Design Thinking … to begin doing stuff even if you are not sure you know what or why you are doing it. Just go in anywhere, says Simon, start working your way through stochastically, hypothesize and test, trial and error, and you will discover the shape and boundaries of the problem. Continue reading “Can We Design 2050?”