ICSID Design 2050

Arnold Wasserman’s Introductory and Concluding Addresses at ICSID Design2050

My job at ICSID Design2050 in Singapore was to be the voice from the year 2050. In my introduction I looked back 4 decades at the initiation of Design2050 in 2009. In my conclusion I summarized how Design2050 became a global redesign movement over the intervening 4 decades and where we had arrived by 2050.

Here are:

Design2050 Lives!

It was a huge success at the ICSID World Congress, Singapore.

700 Attendees took a memorable round trip forty years into the future led by nine Design Masters.

The Design2050 web site that led up to the Singapore event has been retooled as a groupsite to support the continuing work of Design2050 by DesignSingapore. It is now open to all as the Design2050 Studios. As we had hoped, a stream of new members are signing up. There are as of now 234 new group members, 180 discussions and 55 blog posts you can join.

All the proceedings, presentations, panels, videos and images from the event are in process of being uploaded to the site.

Also available for download is the  original Design2050 Book that summarizes the Design2050 theme and the nine Design2050Studio projects. (It is a large pdf file. When you click on the link above you will get a window with a message: “Error, Document Failed to Convert.” Click on the refresh icon at the top right of the window and the document will then download.)

If you Google “Design 2050 Singapore”,  you will get several more pages about the emerging Design2050 movement.

Yak Pak Yak 2

For our upcoming YAK PAK 2 session Dec. 19th, I’ve been pondering whether we should have any kind of agenda. Our first dinner was just getting to know one another and it was a lot of fun. I don’t want this to get to feel too much like work. On the other hand, one would like to get inside those interesting minds in the room.

Please come with your own thoughts of whether you would like us to talk about some specific topics, or just wing it with no agenda and let Bacchus be our guide.

One thought I had was that I would like to know what each PAK member’s secret passion or outrageous wish is – either personal or for the world at large. We already know that Steven is driven to trek the high places of the planet. Continue reading “Yak Pak Yak 2”

Design2050 Theme at ICSID 2009 World Congress, Singapore

It appears that the ICSID (International Councils of Societies of Industrial Design) World Congress in Singapore will attract 800  attendees – surprisingly good for these difficult times when all but essential business travel is being curtailed. The Design2050 theme I proposed is being carried out by Nine international Design Masters who will present the future scenario work of their Design2050 Studios and over the course of 3 days will lead  the 800 attendees in workshops to further explore the studios’  propositions for Redesigning Life on Earth.

See descriptions of the Congress and the Design2050 theme at:

Design2050 Theme

Congress Home Page

SINGMARK, The World’s First Global Co-Nation

Over the past eight years, I have had the privilege of spending extended time in Singapore and Denmark. I have come to see these two small nations as a complementary pair, similar in size, alive with creative energy. Whenever I am in Denmark I find myself talking about exciting things going on in Singapore, and vice-versa.  Both societies are world leaders in balancing individual opportunity and the common good in the achievement of economic and social success.

I was delighted when, in June 2008, Singapore and Denmark signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a cooperation programme on design.

I now propose a somewhat more radical, but to my mind logical, next step. Continue reading “SINGMARK, The World’s First Global Co-Nation”