Carnegie Tech in the Fifties


The first degree-granting industrial design department in the U.S. was founded at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh in 1934. In 2009, the design school celebrated its 75th anniversary by asking a few graduates to reminisce about their experience as design students at Carnegie Tech and what made Tech a special place in their era. In 2010 these personal recollections will be published together with a more formal history of design at Tech and CMU. Continue reading “Carnegie Tech in the Fifties”

Multidextrous Thinking

The story is that most peoples’ thinking is stuck at the 10K level of Foresight. This is what our education schools us for. It is doubtless an important cognitive strategy, but it is not the only one, and in isolation it is a dangerous one.

One could argue that the big problems of industrial capitalism today are due at least in part to overspecialization in Foresight thinking. It turns out that this kind of thinking is particularly useful for rapidly growing societies having rapidly expanding economies – like Western Europe and North America over the past 150 years or China and India today. But as population growth and economic expansion rates (e.g.: GDP) level off systemic distortions within the model come to the fore. Continue reading “Multidextrous Thinking”

Design, Learning and Cultures of Creativity

This is a presentation I just gave in Singapore to an audience of school teachers,  principals and officers of the Ministry of Education. It is part of my continuing work in Singapore since 2002 to help Singapore embed Design Thinking in K-12 curricula both as domain subject matter for a design career path and as a pedagogical strategy for teaching all other academic subjects. Click link below to download powerpoint presentation.