Inside Artificial Intelligence!

Who invented Artificial Intelligence? On January 20, 2011 you can hear AI pioneer and Turing Award recipient Edward Feigenbaum talk about why, when, where and how AI originated and has developed over the past fifty years to become ubiquitous and pervasive today.

I will be conducting an interview/conversation with Ed at Adobe Systems in San Francisco at 6:00PM. This will be the inaugural event of a series titled Inside Stories! – conversations with distinguished Bay Area pioneers in science, business, technology, the arts and humanities.

Here are links to the Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association newsletter page where you can sign up to attend and to the Facebook page which you might want to use to pass this announcement on to other interested friends.

Following is more detailed information on the event and a bio of Ed Feigenbaum.

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Carnegie Tech in the Fifties


The first degree-granting industrial design department in the U.S. was founded at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh in 1934. In 2009, the design school celebrated its 75th anniversary by asking a few graduates to reminisce about their experience as design students at Carnegie Tech and what made Tech a special place in their era. In 2010 these personal recollections will be published together with a more formal history of design at Tech and CMU. Continue reading “Carnegie Tech in the Fifties”