Arnold Wasserman presents Design2050 at Oslo Design Day 2010

At the ICSID World Congress in November 2009 in Singapore, the theme was Design2050. 700 Attendees took a memorable round trip forty years into the future led by nine Design Masters and their studio teams. For an overview of the design of the event, click here.

At the Norwegian Design Council’s Oslo’s Design Day, on 17 March, 2010, Arnold Wasserman, originator of the Design2050 theme and Special Advisor to the ICSID event, presented a rapid fly-through collage of the 3 day proceedings. The Design2050 web site that led up to the Singapore event has been retooled as a groupsite to support the continuing work of Design2050 by DesignSingapore. It is now open to all here.

As we had hoped, a stream of new members are signing up. There are as of now 298 new group members, 180 discussions you can join and 57 blog posts. All the proceedings, presentations, panels, videos and photo images from the event are in process of being uploaded to the site.

Also available for download from the site is the original Design2050 BOOK that summarizes the Design2050 theme and the nine Design2050Studio projects (note: it is a very large file.)

If you Google “Design2050 Singapore”, you will get many more pages about the emerging Design2050 movement.

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