Carnegie Tech in the Fifties


The first degree-granting industrial design department in the U.S. was founded at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh in 1934. In 2009, the design school celebrated its 75th anniversary by asking a few graduates to reminisce about their experience as design students at Carnegie Tech and what made Tech a special place in their era. In 2010 these personal recollections will be published together with a more formal history of design at Tech and CMU. Continue reading “Carnegie Tech in the Fifties”

Digital Nation

In Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier, FRONTLINE presents an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world. This is must-viewing for anybody interested in the educational, social and cultural future of America.

Be sure to view not only the main 9 video segments but also the additional segments: “Living Ever Faster in a Wired World,” “Sherry Turkle’s Extended Interview,” and “How To Teach Students in a Wired World.”

This is the best documentary I have come across to-date on the positive and problematic dimensions of the crucial transformational phenomenon of our age.

Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier